ThanksGiving is the season of thanksgiving, an opportunity for family, friends and relatives to meet to talk, to thank each other for the love we have given each other… Have you chosen a place to gather together with your family? family and friends this Thanksgiving season?

Van Son is pleased to introduce a place of elegance, class, luxurious space, cozy but no less bustling and joyful. Van Son Dinner Show - Night of Smiles & Music will be held on Saturday, November 27, 2021 at 6PM to 11PM at Orange Hill Restaurant, the most luxurious restaurant in Orange County.

With the presence of singers and artists who have conquered millions of hearts of foreign audiences such as: Ho Hoang Yen, Nguyen Hong Nhung, Cong Thanh and Lyn, Da Nhat Yen

With the reunion of two comedians Van Son - Bao Liem, they will collaborate with beautiful female artist Hong Dao to bring laughter and endless joy to the music night of Van Son Dinner Show.
Van Son Dinner Show is the most luxurious Smile & Sparkling Music Gala in 2021. You will have dinner and take selfies with picturesque landscapes and with your favorite artists, With Delicious, Beautiful and Luxurious food, prepared by 5-star chefs, Red wine, spirits, cocktails, Beer of all kinds, served in the restaurant located on the top of the hill with a view 360% of us can enjoy delicious food, sip a glass of fragrant wine, admire beautiful scenery, watch good music, laugh with comedians and dance jubilantly with artists... .
 Orange Hills Restaurant has a beautiful and luxurious space and is extremely cozy, so seating is very limited. To keep your ticket, please give the number 714 799 1566 or visit the website vansonshow.com to book tickets now.