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12/18/2010     Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]     posted by Vu from IP
??u tiên cháu xin ???c g?i chú Vân S?n và chú Vi?t Th?o là chú. T? nh? cháu ?ã r?t thích xem các ch??ng trình hài c?a TTVS nh?t là các ti?t m?c c?a chú VS. Cháu hi?n ?ang là sinh viên sinh s?ng t?i VN. Cháu và nh?ng ng??i yêu TTVS trong n??c r?t mu?n ?ng h? TTVS nh?ng theo cháu ???c bi?t thì hình nh? ? VN ko có ??a g?c c?a TTVS. N?u v?y thì cháu và nh?ng ng??i ? VN s? r?t khó ?? ?ng h? TTVS. Cháu hi v?ng s?p t?i TTVS s? bán hàng qua m?ng và nh? v?y thì cháu và ng??i VN ? toàn th? gi?i có th? ?ng h? TTVS .
Ngoài ra VN hi?n nay ?ã m? c?a h?i nh?p, cháu ngh? n?u các chú xin gi?y phép th? t?c ??y ?? thì s? ch?ng ai b?t b? gì các chú khi các chú v? VN ghi hình và bi?u di?n ???c. Cháu hi v?ng s? có ngày nào ?ó TTVS s? l?i quay v? VN ghi hình và bi?u di?n.
12/16/2010     Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]     posted by truong vu the best from IP
i like van son 45, not too bad. i will give it 4/5.

i don't really like kieu oanh acting, she keeps laughing, it makes her acting so fake.

the rest is good. kieu oanh is good sometime when she acted without talking and laughing the same time, which makes me like her, but if she talking and laughing at the same, not good.

hai kich not too bad, everage.

songs not too bad as well.

truong vu needs to sing more to impress the audiences.

my conclusion is kieu oanh need acting naturally, don't try to be funny so much.
that's all i want to give van son a little opinion.

van son entertainment always my best production of all times.
12/15/2010     Rating: 2 of 5 Stars! [2 of 5 Stars!]     posted by Kelly from IP
Female Singer are getting better except that girl that sing rock music. I have no problem listening to rock song but she really need to write better song. All her song are almost the same except the lyric. Bang Kieu sing rock music before and it was great! I think she need to learn from him and change her style a little bit or she will not get anyway.

Male Singer SUK! I dont want to be mean but you guys really need to look for new singer, because that 2 brother will drag VS down. They cant dance, cant act, and cant sing. (Nguyen Thang and Andy Quach is such a traitor!)

Hai Kich is so boring! Please tell Kieu Oanh to act right! she always laugh and make funy sound which is annoyance! (I was a Kieu Oanh fan btw). Need better script.

MC is still the best!

Documentary is worth watching!
12/08/2010     Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]     posted by Duc Duy from IP
Sao Khong co HaVy va TamDoan nhi 2 nguoi nay hat hay vay, ky sau mong TTVS moi 2 nguoi nay, moi them PhuongDung, PhuongHongQue, Thanh Truc, Shayla, LoanChau cho chuong trinh phong phu. co loi khen am thanh lan nay hay, Hoang Thuc Linh cang ngay cang hay mong cai thien them phan phat am nua se rat hot sau nay.
12/05/2010     Rating: 2 of 5 Stars! [2 of 5 Stars!]     posted by koifish from IP
VS 42-43-44-45 are so bored (music is suck). Females singers are getting better everyshow. but male singer "the 2 brothers" OMG are so freaking weak and got no tasted of new nor even old school music, cant sing, cant performed. comedies skit r just ok where is Bao Liem anyway? Documentary is stll the best.
just a truth comment for TTVS getting better. i do love your production verymuch. btw, i only bought the original copy ok. should be carefully with your young male singers.
12/02/2010     Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]     posted by RuralB from IP
T.T.V.S luc nao` cung~ mang lai cho toi va` gia dinh` rat nhiu` tieng cuoi, sau nhiu` luc lam` viec met nhoc, co the xem dc nhg~ dien vien hai` nhu Quang Minh, Hong Dao, Kieu Oanh...bieu dien, thi` su met nhoc giong nhu ko con` nua~. toi se~ luon ung ho Trung tam. hay~ co gang phat' huy nhe.

5/5 cho MC Viet Thao
4/5 cho Hai Kich, rat' song' dong va` dang de ngham~ nghi~
4/5 cho Am Nhac, qua' hay
5/5 cho phan` Tai` Lieu, song dong ih nhu film 3D

ua? ma` sao ko thay Bao Liem vay TT?
12/02/2010     Rating: 3 of 5 Stars! [3 of 5 Stars!]     posted by joe from IP
where is bao liem??? keu oanh is such a horrible comedian/actress, soo fake, i don't know y van son invited her on the show. hong dao + quan minh, depending on the skit, can be quite funny, but it's getting mostly not funny. bao chung has always been good so no need to say anything. ps. invite bang kieu in "Sao em l? v? l?y ti?n" or bao tri.

as for the music, as expected, pretty much sucked, i mostly fast forward them cause most songs composed/produced in the US sound boring and unmemorable. please select better songs next time.

overall, an entertaining show, it defiantly holds true to the variety show category. various entertaining acts; including a magician, a guy and his harmonica, n of course hai kich, and singing.

4/5 for MC
3/5 hai kich
2/5 music
4/5 variety
11/30/2010     Rating: 2 of 5 Stars! [2 of 5 Stars!]     posted by truong vu from IP
quang minh hong dao kich are alway suck..never make me laugh...
11/29/2010     Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]     posted by Nga nguyen from IP
hello T.T.V.S , xin cho toi co vai loi cung anh Viet Thao , phan document co anh thi rat la song dong nhung anh Viet Thao oi , co lam gi thi cung ran gin giu suc khoe , chu trong doan nay thay anh an 2 con dia thay ghe qua , anh nen di kiem tra suc khoe di vi toi ( ca gia dinh toi ) dieu so hong biet la la 2 con dia do co chet khong nua , mong anh cung trung tam luon luon binh an ,manh khoe de dem den cho dong bao nhung mon an tinh than , thanh that cam on anh Van Son & Viet Thao. Nga Nguyen , MN
11/27/2010     Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]     posted by HELEN VO from IP
qua da !!!.. minh khoai LINH TAM tu khi con o VN ..xem anh ay cong tac voi TRUNG TAM VAN SON voi du loai hinh nghe thuat ..tu kich ..don ca roi hom nay trich doan cai luong nua ..hy vong LINH TAM se con cong tac voi TRUNG TAM VAN SON that dai ..de anh ay co dip trinh dien nghe thuat cho minh thuong thuc ..cam on TRUNG TAM VAN SON that nhieu ..

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